126 klientov 2 308 objektov 1 891 354 m2

In 2018
we worked with
175 clients

In 2018
Slovclean took care altogether of
2 338 locations

In 2018
we cleaned an area equal to
2 281 628 m2

Brief company history

We were founded in 2005 as a cleaning company. We began with 65 employees working out of a single office in Bratislava.

In 2005 - 2009, we substantially expanded our portfolio of cleaning services and operations from small and medium-sized enterprises to cover large manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies and also the public and private sectors.

There are currently 1,976 staff members employed with us and we have ten regional offices across Slovakia, providing full facility management services, including cleaning at companies and homes, specialized work and also hotel cleaning.

Company values

Trust is our highest principle
The most important attributes of our work are trust, a responsible approach and a guarantee of maximum protection of properties our customers entrust us to manage.

We take a personal approach toward our customers
We stay in constant touch with our customers. We try both to respond flexibly to their needs and meet our customers’ specific requirements.

We strive for permanent development
Our goal is to provide full facility management services at the highest professional level. Our portfolio of services is ever expanding as we monitor new trends and pay respect to upgrading skills and the high professionalism of all our staff.


Our customers entrust us to manage their properties, so safeguarding customer locations is one of the most important attributes of the work we do. To cover possible damage to property, we are insured up to one million euros.

Our primary goal is a job well done, which we guarantee with the building of a sophisticated quality control system.