What we clean

  • office space and business centers
  • offices and commercial businesses
  • industrial parks and manufacturing facilities
  • health care facilities and hospitals
  • logistics centers and warehouses
  • fairgrounds
  • means of transport, including aircraft


  • cleaning of facilities at regularly agreed intervals and times
  • ensuring standby power during the day
  • supplying and distributing sanitary materials
  • care of parking areas and exteriors


  • complete cleaning of buildings after construction and reconstruction
  • washing windows and glass areas
  • wet and dry machine cleaning of carpets, chairs and sofas rugs, office chairs and sofas
  • working at heights and climbing work - washing windows and facades; cleaning, installation and maintenance of machinery
  • applying protective and anti-static polymer flooring
  • treating and crystallizing natural stone floors
  • mechanically cleaning chewing gum and other impurities off exterior surfaces
  • removing graffiti and treating surfaces with graffiti-proof paint
  • dry ice cleaning of machinery
  • cleaning at cultural and sporting events
  • mechanized cleaning of escalators and moving walkways
  • hauling and disposing of waste
  • cleaning of buildings before occupancy, roadside cleaning of heavy-duty vehicles leaving construction sites
  • complete cleaning of aircraft interiors and exteriors
  • rodent and pest extermination and disinfection